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Creatingapieceof furniturewith rattanmaterialwill brought
somechallenges.Oneof thevalueof thematerial is the
flexibility that it had. Theflexibilitymade itpossible tobe
used for anykindof shape, but then thispliablecharacter also
make themneed tohavevarious support orbraces tokeep the
piece strongand steady .
And tocreateapieceof furniture frommodular shapes that
came fromcontinuous linesof rattanmaterials, is themain
reasonof the Pretzel series creation. Thepretzel shapewas
takenbecause it hadacontinuous line shapesand loopedasa
rope tie. This shape resultingauniquemodule that not only
could show theaestheticof thematerial character, but could
alsoact as strong support for theconstruction towards the
jointed intersections.
construction support point
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