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lounge chair
Living inacity that’salreadycrowdedandhectic,
makesmeoften surprised seeingnewbuildings,
apartments, andmallswere still built rapidly these
days in Jakarta. This conditionmakesmewonder
how it felt to live in Jakartaon the1970s,when
thereare stillmanygreenplaces spreadalong the
Fromaneager to liveona time that I never felt, I
want tocreatea furniture that tookapieceof
shape that could resemble that time. And this is
why “doeloe loungechair”was created.
Doeloe (
read: dulu
)meansa time that haspassed.
Inspiredbyadesignof “Oplet” (modified from
MorrisorAustinvandesigns), public
transportationvehicles that used in Jakartaon
1930s to1979. Using rattanmaterials,whichare
consider asaclassicmaterial, “doeloe”wasmeant
to representmy feelings to liveona time that I
wish I couldhad.
1970s jakarta
jakarta these days
doeloe lounge chair
an oplet, traditonal public
transport vehicles on the 1970s
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