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Themoldedplastic technologyhasbecomemanufacturers
solution formassproductions. Thesealsoaffecting the
development on furnituredesigns,whichgettingmore
sophisticated that supportedby theadvanced technology .
On the last decade,wecouldeven see some transformations
fromestablishedclassicwooden furnituredesigns thatbeing
remakeanddematerializedasplastic furniture.
Indonesia iswell known for the skill of our local craftsman.
That’ swhy insteadof creatingplastic furnitures, I tried to
createGoda. A seriesof furniture that fullymadewith
woodenmaterialsbut camewith solidcolour (including
white, black, red, yellow, blueandgreen). “Goda”was taken
from Indonesianword thatmean “tease”,whichwasmeant to
mention that this series reallyare teasing tobeexplored. The
solidcolour represent the “plastic look”on thepiece, but yet
this serieshas specifickindofwoodenconstructionswhich
also supportedby theexposeofwoodenmaterial on the
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