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Indonesiahasbeenknownedas theabundant source for
materialsandcraftsmen. But then,what if theexcessiveuseof
thismaterial couldbring the result of scarcityor
deforestation?Thisquestionarose, hasbeen themain issue
onenvironment factor andbecomemajor concerns for the
past decade.
From thismindset, therecome the ideaof Edge. Edgearmchair
ismainlyused from reclaimedand recycledmaterial from
housingwastes.With slightly simple shape, peoplemight
think that it iseventuallymadebymodernmachineryand
tools, but instead itwasmadebyhand. Edge isaproveofhow
advanceour craftsmencouldbe.
Thispiece isagentle reminder to take thewiseand
responsibleapproachofmaterial usingand showing the
exceptional skill of Indonesiancraftsmenwhichbothhas
clearlyclose to their edge.
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