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tripod stool
A stool or side tablewasneverbeenacenterof interestwhen
theybeingput ona roomalongsidewithother furnitures. To
createapieceof furniture that giveminimum functionbut yet
hasa “unique”appearancewas the reasonwhy “Dano Tripod
Stool” created.
When Iwasa little, I alwaysamusedby the shapeofmoon
rocket from tintinbyherge’ s comics. Forme, the shapeof that
tripod rocket is iconicand triggerme to took thebeautifully
curved tripod legprincipal as themain idea for “Dano T ripod
Madewith reclaimed sungkaiwood from industrial
waste,“Dano T ripodStool” isapieceof furniture that contain
a story from thepast. With sucha joyful shape, “Dano Tripod
Stool” couldbe functionedalsoasa side tablebut yet really
teasing tonotbeput aside.
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